11 surprising values ​​of the happiest company in the world

11 surprising values ​​of the happiest company in the world

Would you like to work at the happiest company in the world? A happy company is a place where workers voluntarily contribute to the collective well-being, and which also contributes positively in society. This utopian dream could be closer than you think, you just need to find the right map and propose to follow its steps one by one. Here we present  11 surprising values ​​of the happiest company in the world.

11 surprising values ​​of the happiest company in the world

Last September the publisher Empresa Activa published the book by our CEO David Tomas : The happiest company in the world . In it he tells the story of Felix, a biologist who has been retired from the world for two years, investigating the healing plants of the Umeni tribe. Returning to civilization to take over the bookstores he has inherited from his father, Felix finds himself a business mired in apathy and about to fall into ruin. From this moment on, the story of Felix takes on a new purpose: to turn bookstores into a happy company using the simple life principles learned from the Umeni.

In The Happiest Company in the World , David Tomás reveals the “treasure map” of happiness in the company, through 11 values ​​that are as simple as they are surprising:

  • 1. Stop and decide to be happy . The first step is to be brave and ask ourselves what we can do to be a happier company. Without this decision, it would be impossible to get going.
  • 2. Take care of your energy . The most valuable asset of a company is the energy provided by the people who work in it, so give it all the attention it deserves.
  • 3. As Felix discovered with the Umeni, doing simple things helps us to be happy.
  • 4. Do what you are best at. The mission of the happy company is to get the employees that form it to do what they are best at. In this way, they will be able to contribute the best of themselves and feel fulfilled.
  • 5. Learn every day . Continuous learning and growth, both personal and professional, is a pillar of the happy company.
  • 6. Love the reason for your company . A happy company must have a reason, a reason to exist with which to feel identified.
  • 7. Learn to say no . Knowing how to say is not essential to be able to say yes to what is really important.
  • 8. Trust . An environment of trust creates a climate of happiness in the company.
  • 9. Improve society . The ultimate goal of a company is to improve the society where it works.
  • 10. Align your values ​​with those of your company . Having a consistent ethic is essential in order to create a happy company.
  • 11. The happy company is in you . As simple as true: the happiest company in the world … is you.

Curiosity piqued you? On the page of the happiest company in the world you can download a free chapter, see reviews and read David Tomas’s blog about happiness in the company. In the meantime, we suggest that you stop for a minute, take a look at the 11 values ​​on the list and ask yourself: “What can I do today to make my company a little happier?”

Diario de un Millennial - David Tomás

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