4 applications with which you will have fun while exercising your mind

4 applications with which you will have fun while exercising your mind

The tendency of the human being has always been to pay greater attention to his physical and body health. Neglect or routine, we tend to neglect those factors that we consider less important but, in fact, are determining factors in being healthy, such as our mental health .

And it is that well-being not only depends on physical condition, but a balance between body and mind is necessary , so we cannot forget to exercise the latter from time to time.

A simple and fun option to carry out this task without any effort is mobile applications that, through games, help us exercise different mental skills . Next, we present you apps with which you can train your brain and improve skills such as attention , reasoning , problem solving or memory .


A team of neuroscientists has been in charge of developing this application, which has more than 25 small games and a training program ready to test users’ cognitive skills.

Areas such as memory, problem solving, attention, processing speed or mental flexibility can be exercised through the mini-games that Lumosity offers, which are also adapted to the individual skill level of each one. The app works in a very simple way: after a first test session, the tool evaluates the presented mental agility and, according to it, offers a specialized program that will gradually expose the user’s brain to gradually more difficult challenges.

Lumosity has already been used by more than seventy million people in more than 182 countries. It is available for free on both Android and iOS and can also be accessed from its website.


According to its creators, Neuronation has been developed in collaboration with renowned neuroscientists and the challenges it poses are based on the latest research in this field. In the same way that Lumosity, users can practice through a wide variety of exercises and a personalized training program their knowledge of arithmetic, their level of memorization, perception, reasoning, concentration, attention, etc.

The main added value of this app is that it offers the possibility of keeping track of the results obtained through evolution charts that, in addition, you can compare with other users who also use Neuronation.

The app is also available for free on Google Play and the Apple Store .

Rise up

Elevate is one of the most complete applications in the field of mental exercise. Like the previous ones, it has a multitude of mini – games designed in collaboration with experts in neuroscience with which the user can improve their reading speed, concentration, memory and even their mathematical skills. It also has a personalized evolution program.

Elevate’s main attraction is its specialization in the fields of language and mathematics , areas in which it allows the development of multiple practical skills such as estimation, comparison of values, memory of names, and reading and listening comprehension.

The disadvantage? Despite being free and accessible from Google Play and the Apple Store , it is currently only available in English .



The creators of Memorytrainer claim that with just 10 minutes of daily training the user will improve in a multitude of skills such as attention, memory, mental speed …

The simplicity of this app is one of its main attractions, and it is that with just the four types of exercises available to it, the user can exercise different mental abilities .

Like the others, it also has an exercise program that is divided into 20 levels of difficulty . The app recommends that you notice one of them daily to notice the improvement .

As in the case of Elevate, at the moment Memorytrainer is only available in English and for users of Android terminals . Of course, it is one of the best rated, it has four stars on Google Play and has almost five million installations.

In short, with applications like these you can exercise your brain while having fun playing. Already the Romans said: Mens sana in corpore sano! Don’t forget that your mind, like your body, needs to stay in shape.

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