3 ways to use video in remarketing campaigns
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3 ways to use video in remarketing campaigns

If you want to improve your remarketing strategies , the video could be just what you were looking for.

A remarketing campaign allows the same user to be exposed to your advertising several times, but it is not only about generating repeated impacts. In a well-thought-out remarketing campaign, the content is tailored to the specific needs of each user and the moment in which it is within the conversion funnel.

In recent times, retargeting has become increasingly complex. You no longer have to limit yourself to sending the user to the page or product they had previously visited, but you can create specific content for each impact. And this is where video remarketing can help you entertain, inspire, and convince your target audience. Do you want to know how? Keep reading!

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3 ways to use video in remarketing campaigns


3 video remarketing ideas for your campaigns


1) Overcome your objections

The main reason you are remarketing to a specific user is because they have not purchased or become the first contact . And this can be mainly due to three reasons, according to Social Media Today :

  1. The product is not relevant to you.
  2. They have questions, objections or doubts about the product.
  3. The brand does not convince them.

If it is the first case, you cannot do much. But if you focus on users who have questions or objections, you have a lot of room to achieve conversions.

For example, suppose a user has visited your page, but has not purchased a product. You may want to compare different options, you don’t quite understand how it works, or you don’t know if it has a specific feature that interests you. Well, this is where the video comes to the rescue.

To raise your campaign, make a list of the most common objections of users and create a video that responds showing the product in operation.


2) Provide social proof

Consumers trust the recommendations of other users on the internet, so it is one of the most effective ways to solve their doubts.

Written opinions work well, but cannot match the emotional power of video testimonials. Users are reflected in your happy customers, and they can empathize with them and see how they could solve their own problems.

Another great option to provide social proof is the videos of influencers . If your target audience trusts the judgment of an influencer, their trust in him will carry over to your product.


3) Share your values ​​and your story

As we have seen, one of the reasons why users do not convert is that they do not identify with the brand. Luckily, this problem is also easy to solve with videos.

Videos are an unrivaled tool for storytelling on a human level , for example, introducing your workers, showing “behind the scenes” moments or showing your brand values ​​in action. The more authentic you are, the easier it will be for you to connect with your audience and convince undecided users to complete the conversion.

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